WhatsApp Business App in India Launched: What You Need to Know?

Over the last few years, WhatsApp has turned out to be one of the most popular means of global communication. The way it has made communication seamless and quick across countries and continents is highly appreciable. Now, it was no wonder that the makers of this extremely useful and much loved application would not stop just at that. So, quite expectedly, they have come up with WhatsApp Business app, which is here to make communication effective for the small and medium-sized business enterprises.
There have been speculations about this app for quite some time. However, the WhatsApp Business is finally launched and released on Android and it kick starts with the primary objective of helping small enterprises connect better with their target audience. Its launch in India, which is anyways one of the biggest market for WhatsApp, took some time but now it is here and in the rest of the world following its initial launch in the UK, US, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia.
So, what has this amazing WhatsApp Business app in store for small businesses and how is it precisely going to work? Let us take a detailed look here.

Downloading and Installing the WhatsApp Business App

Well, there is one thing that you need to be clear about this app and that is, if you don’t own a business, this app might not be of any real use for you. However, if you have a business, no matter how small and in the initial stages it is, this app can significantly transform the way you have so far communicated and connected with your customers. Needless to mention, the WhatsApp Business App is a more professional version of the WhatsApp for communication that we have till date.

Prominent Features of the WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business App incorporates a number of excellent features, all of which are directed towards making this app suitable for business communication. Let’s delve deeper into each of these features:

Business Profiles – Just like individual profiles, the WhatsApp Business app is going to have business profiles. Each business can have their profiles through which they can provide useful and essential information for the customers. For instance, the website/store addresses a short description and so on. These profiles of the SMBs will be highlighted for the regular WhatsApp users.

Messaging Tools – Messaging has always been smart with WhatsApp and with WhatsApp Business, it will be smarter. There will be facilities like quick replies, which will help provide fast answers to general queries as well as the frequently asked questions. Since, the app is directed towards making businesses’ relationship with the customers better, there will be greeting and away messages as well.

Messaging Statistics – With this app, business owners will now enjoy the privilege to see the messaging statistics and review the messages that have been read or find out what has been working on the given platform. Alongside, there will be a web version of the app to enable sending and receiving of messages with the WhatsApp Business on the desktop.

Business Account – There will be specific account types like business account and so on. So, users will be aware of whether they are talking to an individual or a business account. Simultaneously, users will enjoy full control over who they want to communicate with and vice versa. WhatsApp Business app will ensure Confirmed Accounts for a few businesses over the time and once the account phone number has been successfully matched with the business phone number.

What about the Charges?

Well, for now, WhatsApp Business will be free of charge for all SMEs. However, WhatsApp had earlier pointed out to its intention of monetising the services by charging the somewhat larger enterprises. Also, it is not to be missed that WhatsApp is partnering with some of the bigger firms like BookMyShow and MakeMyTrip, which have already started sending messages, alerts and so on to the customers on WhatsApp instead of relying on SMS only.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business App for SMEs

WhatsApp Business App is all set to bring an array of benefits for the small and medium sized business enterprises. Apart from seamless communication, there will be a lot of other advantages as explained here.

  • To begin with, a separate app means a separate identify, which is of primary importance for businesses. Registration to the WhatsApp Business app needs to be done with a separate number, which should basically be the same as the business contact number. In fact, the whole idea behind this app has always been to provide something different from the usual WhatsApp.
  • Trust building becomes easier when communication and collaboration is hassle-free and this is exactly what happens with the WhatsApp Business App. The app has a dedicated section where businesses can fill information like the category of business, location etc. This enables the business to reach out to the target audience in practically no time.
  • Businesses can create auto replies and greet their customers, which ultimately helps them foster cordiality. In fact, quick replies can be pre-set and away messages be shown while you are busy. Such close communication paves the way for businesses to delight their customers in every possible way.

While these are the three prominent benefits of the WhatsApp Business App, the rest of the features are the same as WhatsApp for communication, which is also no less beneficial.

To sum up, this excellent venture by WhatsApp is all set to take your small business one step up in this highly competitive market. Such useful application might not stay free of charge for long. However, if you own a SME, it is high time you download and install the WhatsApp Business App on your Android Smartphone. As for the features, the more you fiddle with them, the more used to you get. Simply make sure that your messages are crafted in the right matter to be able to derive the best from this app.


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